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  1. The effect of community specific radio: Krishi FM does wonders for Dhading folks |

    […] reading: Community Radios for Development of the Society in South Asia | ICT4D .nrelate_related .nr_sponsored{ left:0px !important; […]

  2. What is ICT4D, Understanding the core values of ICT for Development

    […] D represents as many possibilities of Development fields for a community or a state at-large, it is also equally important to learn what ICT would do or […]

  3. Mentoring approach improves evaluation capacity of ICT4D Researchers

    […] Development Research Centre), a Canada based research firm, says that the evaluation capacity of ICT4D researchers can be improved greatly by mentoring approach. The evaluation capacities of Asian […]

  4. Women in Computing: ICT for Development, Sustainability and Diversity

    […] present focus of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) has addressed the need for diversified inclusion of all sectors of the society. Women in computing projects in various enterprise and socio-economic […]

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