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  1. Roles of ICT in Empowering Girls and Women - Girls in ICT [Essay]

    […] improve the daily lives of women on every level, bit by bit. When development is a freedom song, ICT is a good instrument for women to play it […]

  2. ITU calls Young innovators to solve Global Challenges using ICT

    […] can connected technology enhance the access to and the delivery of public services for the […]

  3. Women in Computing: ICT for Development, Sustainability and Diversity

    […] innovation and improve lives around the world. The greater gender diversity in computing sector by involving women has brought in many proven and beneficial societal changes involving ICT for […]

  4. ICT4D and Future generations; An Idea to Global Leaders

    […] In a simple sense ICT4D (Information and Communication Technology for Development) refers to the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in the fields of socioeconomic development, international development and human rights. […]

  5. What is ICT4D, Understanding the core values of ICT for Development

    […] the power of communication for the development. Many would believe communication could lower the digital divide, but it is the whole of the ICT that would bringing in lower digital divide rather the […]

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