Collection of various Research Papers, Journals & Scholarly Articles on ICT4D Field

Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) have played a significant and praise worthy job by extending its potential over so many aspects of human life and social sectors. With enabling technologies, research is most vital to understand and establish framework for your research and then its implementation.

Research articles on ICT4D topics

Research articles on ICT4D topics

This web page aims to provide a periodic collection of various research papers, journals publishing, conference papers and scholarly articles on various fields of ICT4D. You can contribute by adding more research papers on ICT4D, eGovernance and others related fields.

Well planned is half done. Take these research papers, journals and scholarly articles and give yourself a better ICT4D insight. Do not forget to share your research publication here as a help.

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Once again we have compiled the list of various useful ICT4D research papers, thesis works, dissertation publications, journals, conference proceedings, scholarly articles and related from various sources. While best effort have been given to make papers available for free, some authors and institutions might charge. Please, read your terms of understanding.

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