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Evolution of E-Government Stage Models in Last One Decade

R Tripathi, MP Gupta – Public Administration Reformation: Market Demand …, 2013
 Full integration and enterprise transformation Simple information dissemination; Two—way
communication; Service and financial transac—tion; Vertical and horizontal integration; Political
participation Presenting; Assimilating; Reforming; Morphing; Egovernance Through the 


Changing Structure of Employment and Scope of Increasing Service Sector Dependency in the Light of IT-BPM Sector, Kerala

CK Saritha – Asian Journal of Research in Business Economics and …, 2013
 5. ICT dissemination to bridge the digital divide 6. EGovernance 7. Developing Human Resources
for IT and ITES 8. Advising the Government on policy matters  2 years 21 M.Phil in Eco-Informatics
1 years 7 Post-Graduate Diploma in eGovernance(PGDeG) 1 years 36 


[PDF] An impact study on information communication technology training to extension functionaries through opinion poll

C Swaminathan¹, K Sujatha – 2013
 TCP, IP, Browsers, Search Engines, Viruses, Spy ware, Malware and management, Internet
Communication, E-mail, Chat, Blogs, e-publication, VOIP, Net Meeting and Video Conferencing,
Web Designing, Agro Technology Portals, IMCD, EGovernance, Government Portals 


Administration and Policy, Florida State University. His research interests include public management, contracting, and comparative public admin-istration. Eric Boyer …

LG Anguelov – Public Administration Reformation: Market Demand …, 2013
 He supervised the eGovern- ment portal Gram Prabhat, which won the IBM Great Mind Challenge
Award for 2003. He has steered several seminars and also founded the International Conference
on Egovernance (ICEG) in 2003, which is run- ning into its eighth year. 


[PDF] DyCSR: Dynamic Composition of SOAP Services and Restful Services in eGovernanceApplications

G Akshaya, R Kanchana, C Babu
ABSTRACT Composition of web services is a prominent feature of Service Oriented
Architecture, for implementing business processes. Business processes may collaborate
within or across organizations. During cross organizational collaborations, services are 


[PDF] M-Governance, A solution for health analysis and prevention measures against diseases in rural India

AS Rathor, J Choudhary, N Rathore, K Nilay
 the budget. m-Governance has not replaced e– Governance, rather it complements
eGovernance [1]. eGovernance uses information technology like WAN, Internet
and mobile computing by the Gov- ernance agencies. Aim 


To Race with the Able? Soft Skills and the Psychologisation of Marginality

U Zacharias – Beyond Inclusion: The Practice of Equal Access in …, 2013
 advantage. Page 303. 290 Usha Zacharias In March 2008, the NKC submitted
its recommendations regard- ing key areas such as education, science and technology,
agriculture, industry, and egovernance (NKC 2008). The 


[PDF] OCEAN: Open-source Collation of eGovernment data And Networks-Understanding Privacy Leaks in Open Government Data

S Gupta, P Kumaraguru – arXiv preprint arXiv:1312.2784, 2013
 Information portals in the form of the egovernance websites run by Delhi Government in India
provide access to such PII without any anonymization.  This had led to several egovernance
initiatives by many states and resulted in publicly accessible databases. 


[PDF] Efficient Frequent Pattern Knowledge for Crime Situation Recognition in Developing Countries

O Isafiade, A Bagula – 2013
 Consequently, public safety demands have ne- cessitated the need to design, develop and
implement appli- cations that can provide intelligent response to the calling of public safety,
egovernance and smart systems [4]. Data mining techniques such as the association rule 


S Naithani – Golden Research Thoughts, 2013
 data. This database along with the Decision Support System (DSS) would help
the planners in identifying the present gaps in planning process gaps and adopting
eGovernance approach towards decentralized planning. 


A MIHR – 2013
 They should be empowered to participate in decision making processes in their
professional lives and to govern societies. This right also includes access to online
teaching or to EGovernance. Art 17 of the UN International 

Utilising condor for data parallel analytics in an IoT context—An experience report

A Mukherjee, S Dey, HS Paul, B Das – … and Communications (WiMob), 2013 IEEE 9th …, 2013
 emphasis on sensor-based intelligent and ubiquitous systems, more commonly known as “cyber-
physical systems”, has the potential to give rise to a new generation of systems and services
encompassing several do- mains such as eGovernance, healthcare, transportation 

[PDF] ICTs & Farming Information: An evaluation of Institutions and Users’ Perceptions in Andhra Pradesh

 Keywords: Agri-Info; egovernance; Good Governance; Andhra Pradesh; AGRISNET; Farmers
Call Centre; Page 2.  The 1999 IT policy proposed to achieve certain objectives like promoting
the IT industry, establishing eGovernance and achieving human resource development. 

[PDF] ICTs in Urdu Medium Schools in Hyderabad: An Evaluative Study

 Right now lessons from classes V to VIII are loaded into K-Yan, but students from lower
classes are also clamouring for it. Keywords: Information Communication Technology;
K-Yan; Infotainment; EGovernance; IT Skill Education Page 2. 


L Ionescu – Economics, Management, and Financial Markets, 2013
 (Nam, 2012) EGovernance initiatives can make important contributions to improving public
services and reducing corruption, are positively related to improve- ments in  EGovernance
initiatives cannot cure all the structural factors that breed corruption in states and societies. 

Leading the world: Public sector reform and e-government in Korea

M O’Donnell, M Turner – The Economic and Labour Relations Review, 2013
 Seoul has been ranked first among city municipal governments over the last decade in a number
of international surveys, such as the Digital Governance in Municipalities Worldwide Survey
conducted by the EGovernance Institute at Rutgers University, New Jersey. 

Public sector management and the changing nature of the developmental state in Korea and Malaysia

M Turner, M O’Donnell, CS Suh, SH Kwon – The Economic and Labour Relations …, 2013
 develop- ment. The government has built on this capability to propel Korea to world
leadership in egovernance. This article traces the government’s policies on
egovernance, their imple- mentation and their effect. The story 

Does better e-readiness induce more use of e-government? Evidence from the Korean central e-government

S Park, YT Choi, HS Bok – International Review of Administrative Sciences, 2013

[email protected] teen design days: a multi-disciplinary, design thinking approach to community development

KE Fisher, AP Bishop, P Fawcett, L Magassa – … of the Sixth International Conference on …, 2013
 Collapse and Revival of American Community. Simon & Schuster, New York, NY, USA. [17]
Rajalekshmi, KG 2007. Egovernance services through telecenters: The role of human
intermediary and issues of trust. Info. Tech. Intl. Dev. 4, 1 (2007), 19-35. 

Bridging the gaps between e-government practice and research: A meta-study for policy development

E Kromidha, JR Cordoba-Pachon – International Journal of Public Sector …, 2014
 Hi is co-editor of the book “Systems Thinking and E- Participation: EGovernance in the
Governance of Society” which comprises a collection of case studies and methodological
approaches to e-government from around the world. 8. References 

[PDF] Virtual Acts of Balance!: Virtual Technologies of Knowledge-Management as co-Produced by Social Intentions and Technical Limitations

AK Madsen – Electronic Journal of e-Government, 2013
 Computer-based information-processing makes software increasingly powerful and it is argued
that the ´egovernance community´ has to be reflective about this development and constantly
consider the trade-offs between structured semantics and looser types of classification 

Social media: A new vehicle for city marketing in China

L Zhou, T Wang – Cities, 2014
 China. • Microblogs are the primary form of social media promoting microblog
egovernance and city brands. •  city. Microblogs for launching egovernance platforms.
Since 2009, microblogs have grown in popularity in China. 

[PDF] Developing a framework for Evaluating e-Learning

M Asgarkhani, M Wieck, YR Yen, CT Li, YM Lai… – 2013
 Conference – Sri Lanka, pp103-110. [6] Asgarkhani, M. (2002b) “eGovernance in
Asia Pacific”, Proceedings of the International Conference on Governance in Asia,
City University of Hong Kong. [7] Baynton, D. (2001) “TRAINING 

Dealing with the digital panopticon: the use and subversion of ICT in an Indian bureaucracy

R Veeraraghavan – Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on …, 2013
Page 1. 248 Dealing with the Digital Panopticon: The Use and Subversion of ICT in
an Indian Bureaucracy Rajesh Veeraraghavan University of California, Berkeley
[email protected] ABSTRACT To what extent can information 

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