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  1. Community Radio for Development of the Society in South Asia | ICT4D

    […] Development in South Asia: A Sustainability Study” conclude that financial data modeling and sustainability analysis of their study strengthen the positions of CR as an effective applied tool for development […]

  2. What a good university website must have!

    […] So, basically integration of course or curricula data via Course Management System (like Unit-e, QL, EBS4) into the e-Learning system and both into the main university web portal makes a perfect sense. When we talk about integration of e-Learning system with the university’s Content Management System (CMS), which most probably most universities would be using, we refer to integration of information display and retrieval, while the best practice would still be to deploy and monitor each system (Course Mgmt System & VLE & Student Information System) into a separate database of their own. This provides scalability in the usage of these information systems, yet giving the best output in the main university portal. Learn how ICT4Education can bring in better education via effective Information & Communications… […]

  3. Divya Narain
    Divya Narain August 8, 2014 at 9:10 pm | | Reply

    Thank you for such an insightful article on ICT in ESD. I think it would be relevant to mention here that the UNESCO chair for ICT in ESD has launched an MSc programme titled, ‘ICTs in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)’. This programme is funded by the European Commission and is open for application.

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