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  1. What is ICT4D, Understanding the core values of ICT for Development

    […] to begin with ICT4D is to know ICT first. Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) is practice of using means and modes of ICT […]

  2. Research Algorithms for Improving Road Safety | ICT for Road Safety

    […] coordinated driving experiences. While the safety in road transportation is one of hot areas that ICT has to address, Vehicular Transport Engineering has been around to address and provide collective […]

  3. Determining factors of ICT for Sustainable Growth

    […] Commission’s dedication of ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) for Sustainable Growth and Development is a key […]

  4. Women in Computing: ICT for Development, Sustainability and Diversity

    […] Million computing jobs have been foreseen in the US between 2006 to 2018, however only 29% of them filled by women. What […]

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